Standard Disclaimer:

Opinions expressed here on this journal are solely mine, the comments express the opinions of those who wrote them.

If you do not know how any given journal entry will affect you, then please use your best discretion in reading the entries here. However, should you choose to ignore this advisory, please keep in mind that I cannot, do not, and will not assume responsibility for anyone's action or inaction after, or resulting from, reading this journal (or the one on DreamWidth for that matter). I do not believe that it is my place to tell other people what they can and cannot read. I feel that I don't have the right to tell others, implicitly or explicitly, what they can and cannot read. Not only do I not have the right, I don't want that kind of power for several reasons, not the least of which being that I don't want someone else deciding that for me, either.

I only speak for myself. All "you"s are general, and if you see a word like "generally", then I'm not talking about an individual or a small group of individuals. The General Rule of General Statements on this journal is "If you have to ask, then it's probably not about you. If it was, then you'd know". I know that's the opposite of how other people use generalizations, but I like giving people the benefit of the doubt...most of the time.

My policy on triggers and such is as follows: Those things are on a need-to-know basis. As in, nobody needs to know more about what your triggers are unless you choose to share that information. You are free to reveal as much or as little as you wish, and your reasons for doing so ought to be just that--yours.
No one will be pressured to spill everything, nor will anyone be pressured to shut up unless it's veered way, way, way off topic.
As I said before, the level of detail that is given is done so at the discretion of the person divulging that information.

Likewise, at least on my own journal, I am also free to reveal as much or as little as I want to, for my own reasons.

Those who want to yell at me about how offended they are will get laughed at, and then get told where to shove it. Those who seek to "educate" me because I "don't know any better" will be laughed at, and then get told where to shove that bullshit. Please do not ask me to think of The Children or any other hypothetical beings, as The Children (when capitalized like that, I refer to "any hypothetical persons drunmmed up by any side of a given argument in order to produce guilt in any listeners rather than the opposition, who was not going to change their minds anyway). I'll tell you, "Actually, fuck The Children".

I repeat: I cannot and do not assume, nor do I claim to assume, any personal responsibility for anyone's actions or lack of action upon reading anything posted here or on DreamWidth. I cannot accurately predict which entries or comments will have a negative effect on any given reader, so I ask that readers use their own best judgment, please and thank you.

To Metafandom and related communities: I ask that you not link entries that I ask not be linked, as those entries are made public for the benefit of friends who do not wish to make an account on InsaneJournal or Dreamwidth.

And a new note: Whenever I make an entry public, and if ever I decide to make entries available to MetaFandom again, to all of you, anons and not, Don't Shit On My Thread. If you've got a name and you decide to, well, shit on my thread, I will not hesitate to ban you. And I usually hate banning people, so...yeah.